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  ◎Yitong LED electronic logo with white characters on red background


What is a red background white lettered LED electronic logo screen?
        Is to replace the LED electronic screen in the form of a long time to rely on artificial cut white characters pasted on the red cloth or with the inkjet printing machine made of red background white characters。

Disadvantages of traditional logo:Cumbersome, inconvenient replacement, high frequency of replacement, low climbing, high risk, high cost。

Electronic logo advantages:Investment once, lifetime benefit, easy to change information, electronic screen beautiful and generous, not only beautify the meeting environment, but also mark the modern
A new step has been taken in the process of becoming an office worker。The electronic logo with white font on red background adopts static latch and brightness adjustable technology, so that the picture does not flicker when shooting and taking pictures。
The electronic logo can be edited and updated at any time through the computer without disassembling, and the speed of replacing the content is nearly 100 times faster than that of replacing the traditional logo。Only one person can complete all the work in a few minutes, and completely eliminate the personal safety hazards of the operator when hanging the traditional logo。
       The appearance of the electronic logo with white font on red background is more straight and smooth than that of the traditional logo,The matching of the background color and text color of the electronic logo with white font on red background is exactly the same as that of the traditional cloth logo,The background is bright red,Text is pure white,It meets the aesthetic needs of Chinese people,In line with people's aesthetic habits of the logo,At the same time, it improves the work efficiency of enterprises and institutions and establishes a good image。After closing, the logo appears red, which is different from other types of electronic displays。

    Product specification 1
    Product Specification II
    Project case

◆ Full color indoor surface sticker display

◆ Full-color outdoor in-line display
◆ Full color household exterior display screen
◆ Indoor and outdoor single and dual color screen
◆ Stage computer subtitle screen series
◆ White characters on red background logo screen
◆ Car screen
◆ Special display
* Engineering performance *

      ◇ Conference room, Main Building, Shaanxi Normal University
      ◇ Beijing Sunshine Classroom
      ◇ No. 2 Middle School, Linfen City, Shanxi Province (2 sets)
      ◇  四川省茂县政府五楼
      ◇ Guangyuan City Finance Bureau, Sichuan Province
      ◇ Hubei Hankou Railway Police Station
      ◇ Beijing Chang 'an Grand Theater
      ◇ Changchun Automobile Industry School, Jilin Province
      ◇ China Jianyin Investment Building
      ◇ Nanguan Village, Fenyang City, Shanxi Province
      ◇ Jiangsu Lianyungang Ganyu County Tax Bureau
      ◇ Ziyang County Committee of Shaanxi Province (2 sets)
      ◇ Jiangsu Nantong Rudong Labor Bureau new complex building
      ◇ Hegang City Government of Heilongjiang Province
      ◇ Junior College, Chaoyang Normal University, Liaoning Province
      ◇ Jiaokou City Procuratorate of Shanxi Province
      ◇ Jincheng Toll Station, Shanxi Province
      ◇ Linxian County Government of Shanxi Province (2 sets)
      ◇ Wuxi Newspaper Group, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
      ◇ Beijing Xinxing Construction Company
      ◇ Sichuan Chengdu Kaiyan Meihu Hotel
      ◇ New Second Middle School, Dongfeng County, Liaoyuan, Jilin Province
      ◇ Sa District Government of Daqing City
      ◇ Jiayuguan City Government, Gansu Province
      ◇ Beijing Shunyijiang Curtain Wall Co., LTD
      ◇ Chongqing Luohu Power Plant
      ◇ Hebei Handan Matou Town Xinxing casting pipe factory
      ◇ Hongguo County Government of Guizhou Province
      ◇ Dalian City University
      ◇ Beijing 109 Middle School
      ◇ Ji 'an Armed Police Force, Jiangxi Province
      ◇ Beijing Sunshine School
      ◇ Daqing Postal Savings Bank of Heilongjiang Province
      ◇ Dongping Driving School, Yuxian County, Yangquan, Shanxi Province
      Taizhou Armed Police Training School, Jiangsu Province
      ◇ Beijing will Tai Tuo Fangying industrial and commercial conference room
      ◇ Huaneng Group Manwan power Station
      ◇ Heilongjiang Jiansanjiang agricultural Reclamation Branch
      ◇ Audit Office of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
      ◇ Beijing Ditan Park
      ◇ Audit Office of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
      ◇ Qinyuan Coal Mine, Shanxi Province
      ◇ Lanzhou Datang Liancheng Electric

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