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  ◎Yitong car screen

Car screen introduction:

Sort cars by color
Monochrome: generally red, yellow, blue, green and white light color, mainly used for taxi top display advertising, as well as bus front and back on both sides of the display of street sign information;
Dual color: a screen with two colors display, mainly used in the bus function screen;  
Full color: also known as color screen, mainly used for other types of car body display full color advertising information, most of the area is larger than the single and two-color car screen, the production cost is high, but the advertising effect is better。
Classification by carrier
Taxi LED walk screen: taxi top screen/rear window screen, used to roll the text of the LED strip screen, single and double color, mostly display some text information rolling advertising information。
Truck LED screen: It is mainly converted into LED display by the body of a large truck, and displays full color pictures in high definition and high brightness. It can be waterproof and anti-sunlight LED display with high protection level on the outside of the car body。Hd full color display advertising information, more rich display to achieve a more intuitive roadside passers-by to leave a deeper impression of advertising。   
Bus LED display: mainly used to display road signs on buses, and most of them are single and double colors。
Sort by lamp spacing
P6: Light spacing is 6mm, generally used in taxi advertising screen, delicate display, visual distance of 10-50m   
P7.62: The horizontal spacing is 6mm and the vertical spacing is 7.62mm, visual range 30-80m   
P10: The light spacing is 10mm, which is used in bus screens
Classified by mode of advertisement delivery
1, serial /U disk type: when the number of cars is small, or do not often change the content of the word, such as the bus platform display。When changing the content of the screen, you need to connect the serial port line to the computer to change it, or save the content to be changed into the U disk first, and then plug it into the USB interface of the screen。
2, GPRS type: When the car reaches a certain number, it will be very troublesome to change the content of the word one by one。Or to often change the content of the word will be very troublesome, so direct remote control by computer will bring more convenience to our customers, and get twice the result with half the effort。   
3, GPS type: GPS type and GPRS type in advertising this piece is the same, but, because of the other functions of GPS to bring a lot of convenience to the management of taxi companies。In addition, because GPS will take the satellite time at any time, the GPS-type LED display is much better than the GPRS type walking screen in terms of advertising synchronization。

    Project case

◆ Full color indoor surface sticker display

◆ Full-color outdoor in-line display
◆ Full color household exterior display screen
◆ Indoor and outdoor single and dual color screen
◆ Stage computer subtitle screen series
◆ White characters on red background logo screen
◆ Car screen
◆ Special display
* Engineering performance *
      ◇ Shanxi Coal Department
      ◇ Shanxi Provincial Committee of the CPC
      ◇ Shanxi Provincial People's Congress
      ◇ Shanxi Provincial People's Government
      ◇ CCTV
      ◇ Shanxi Discipline Inspection Commission
      ◇ Shanxi Construction Department
      ◇ Shanxi Provincial Economic Commission
      ◇ Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau
      ◇ Safety Department of Shanxi Province
      ◇ Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce
      ◇ Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance
      ◇ Shanxi TV Station
      ◇ Shanxi Labor Department
      ◇ Shanxi Forestry Department
      ◇ Taiyuan Municipal People's Government
      ◇ Taiyuan Government Procurement Center
      ◇ Taiyuan High-tech Zone office building
      ◇ Taiyuan High-tech Zone Management Committee
      ◇ Taiyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone
      ◇ Taiyuan Land and Resources Bureau
      ◇ Taiyuan Environmental Protection Bureau
      ◇ Taiyuan Family Planning Commission
      ◇ Taiyuan Science and Technology Bureau
      ◇ Xiangfen City Construction Bureau
      ◇ Xiangfen Government University
      ◇ Xiangfen Environmental Protection Bureau
      ◇ Yangcheng County animal Husbandry Bureau
      ◇ Yicheng Forestry Bureau
      ◇ Yicheng County Radio and television Bureau
      ◇ Yuncheng Salt Lake Salt Lake Hall
      ◇ Jiexiu City government Hall
      ◇ Gaoping City Finance Bureau
      ◇ Hongdong County Safety Supervision Bureau
      ◇ Hongdong Government Hall
      ◇ Jinyuan District Government
      ◇ Jinzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone
      ◇ Jinzhong City government Hall
      ◇ Linfen Gu County Forestry Bureau
      ◇ Liulin County Labor Bureau
      ◇ Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau
      ◇ Loufan County Public Security Bureau
      ◇ Taiyuan Intermediate People's Court
      ◇ Yangquan Intermediate People's Court
      ◇ Xia County People's Court
      ◇ Shanxi Procuratorate
      ◇ Yuncheng City Motor Vehicle Administration
      ◇ Shanxi Provincial Traffic Police Corps
      ◇ Shuozhou City Traffic police detachment
      ◇ Luliang City traffic police detachment
      ◇ Dingxiang Military Airfield
      ◇ Taiyuan Airport
      ◇ Shanyin Station, Daxin Expressway
      ◇ Taitie locomotive automatic detection center
      Shanxi Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
      ◇ Taiyuan Second People's Hospital
      ◇ Lu 'an Mining Group Company
      ◇ Tongmei Group Huairen coal Mine
      ◇ Capital Normal University
      ◇ Lu 'an Mining Group Gymnasium
      ◇ Lu 'an Mining Group Gymnasium
      ◇  ......

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