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 Special display
        Highway variable information board
 ◇ Highway safety driving tips, road conditions tips
 ◇ Automatic detection shows fault, long visual distance, high brightness
 ◇ Real-time weather forecast, advertising, announcements
        Countdown and timing plates
 ◇ Beautiful appearance, durable
 ◇ Built-in clock, built-in battery, not afraid of power failure
 ◇ The start and end date and time can be set arbitrarily
            Road administration warning screen
◇ Generator power supply, suitable for field work
◇ Automatic brightness adjustment during the day and night, easy to use
◇ Shockproof and rainproof design, all-weather operation, suitable
  Mobile operation

            Stock ticker
  ◇ Dot matrix digital hybrid display, cost-effective
  ◇ Convenient interface, real-time display of market and news
  ◇ Imported PVC panel, dust and no light return
            Electricity price screen
  ◇ Display a variety of electricity prices, infrared remote control adjustment
  ◇ Dot matrix digital mixed display, cost-effective
  ◇ Can display clock, safe days, text

      Bank interest rate, exchange rate display
  ◇ Various specifications digital display, display clear
  ◇ Various panels, PVC film, inkjet, etc
  ◇ Can be connected to the Internet through special software
    Exchange rate is displayed in real time

        Gas station oil price display
  ◇ Infrared remote control adjustment, easy to use
  ◇ Strong anti-interference ability, stable display
  ◇ Digital hollow inlay technology, beautiful and generous

        Overweight warning display
     ◇ Vehicle direction navigation
     ◇ Real-time display of vehicle loading
     ◇ Overweight sound and light alarm, language prompt

       TV professional competition system
 ◇ Computer control, accurate timing, language alarm
 ◇ Automatic score statistics, ranking
 ◇ Can display the score of each player, each judge on the same
   Player's score
             Logo display
 ◇ The display logo is clear and eye-catching, easy to replace
 ◇ Adopting vertical 8-scan technology, the TV camera has no flicker
 ◇ Show the meeting program, speech outline and background information
 ◇ Infrared remote control, display content and conference process synchronization
        Sports game scoring system
 ◇ All kinds of sports competition timing, scoring display
 ◇ Fully functional, can be customized according to user requirements
 ◇ Meet the requirements of national sports competitions
            Police warning screen
  ◇ Sound, light, language, text display synchronization
  ◇ Seismic, rain proof, suitable for vehicle flow display
  ◇ Low power consumption, high brightness, suitable for automotive battery

◆ Full color indoor surface sticker display

◆ Full-color outdoor in-line display
◆ Full color household exterior display screen
◆ Indoor and outdoor single and dual color screen
◆ Stage computer subtitle screen series
◆ White characters on red background logo screen
◆ Car screen
◆ Special display
      · Coal Department of Shanxi Province
      · Shanxi Provincial Committee of the CPC
      · Shanxi Provincial People's Congress
      · Shanxi Provincial People's Government
      · China Central Television
      · Shanxi Discipline Inspection Commission
      · Construction Department of Shanxi Province
      · Shanxi Provincial Economic Commission
      · Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau
      · Safety Department of Shanxi Province
      · Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce
      · Shanxi Provincial Finance Department
      · Shanxi TV Station
      · Shanxi Labor Department
      · Shanxi Forestry Department
      · Taiyuan Municipal People's Government
      · Taiyuan Municipal Government Procurement Center
      · Taiyuan High-tech Zone office building
      · Taiyuan High-tech Zone Management Committee
      · Taiyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone
      · Taiyuan Land and Resources Bureau
      · Taiyuan Environmental Protection Bureau
      · Taiyuan Family Planning Commission
      · Taiyuan Science and Technology Bureau
      · Xiangfen City Construction Bureau
      · Xiangfen Government University
      · Xiangfen Environmental Protection Bureau
      · Yangcheng County Animal Husbandry Bureau
      · Yicheng Forestry Bureau
      · Yicheng County Radio and Television Bureau
      · Yuncheng Salt Lake Salt Lake Hall
      · Jiexiu Municipal Government Hall
      · Gao Ping Finance Bureau
      · Hongdong County Safety Supervision Bureau
      · Hongdong Government Hall
      · Jinyuan District Government
      · Jinzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone
      · Jinzhong Municipal Government Hall
      · Linfen ancient County Forestry Bureau
      · Liulin County Labor Bureau
      · Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau
      · Loufan County Public Security Bureau
      · Taiyuan Intermediate People's Court
      · Yangquan Intermediate People's Court
      · Xia County People's Court
      · Shanxi Procuratorate
      · Yuncheng City Motor Vehicle Administration
      · Shanxi Traffic Police Corps
      · Shuozhou Traffic Police Detachment
      · Luliang Traffic Police detachment
      · Dingxiang military Airport
      · Taiyuan Airport
      · Shanyin Station, Daxin Expressway
      · Taitie Locomotive automatic detection Center
      · Shanxi Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
      · Taiyuan Second People's Hospital
      · Lu 'an Mining Group Company
      · Huairen Coal Mine of Tongcoal Group
      · Capital Normal University
      · Lu 'an Mining Group Gymnasium
      · Lu 'an Mining Group Gymnasium
      · ......

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