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 Company profile  company

           Shanxi Yitong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, marketing, service as one of the LED electronics
    Display professional manufacturing company, for Shanxi Province electromechanical industry members, Taiyuan manufacturing information demonstration single
    Last, is Liade Group Shanxi regional engineering dealer。
           Founded in 1995 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012, Riad Optoelectronics Group is a global audio-visual division
    Technology products and application platform leader。Lead Group main LED full color electronic display, Leah
    De smart display, Riad LED transparent screen, Riad LED grille screen, Riad LED tile screen,
    Liad LED creative screen, LiAD LED small pitch screen and intelligent display, night lighting, cultural tourism,
     VR entertainment...isoseries。
           Yitong Electronics and Liad cooperation so far, uphold the "high quality, excellent service, integrity, responsibility;Service, all to customer satisfaction "business philosophy, the formation of customers
    The family is on, to win the market by word of mouth, with a good corporate image, good products, excellent service, to become Liade Group Shanxi regional engineering excellent distributor。
           Yitong Electronics has a number of experts, master R & D personnel, relying on the technical advantages of scientific research institutes, after more than ten years of technology accumulation and market expansion, has developed gamma correction
    Technology, constant current source technology, low-voltage differential transmission technology, pixel sharing technology, automatic brightness adjustment technology, automatic detection of out-of-control points, detection of whether the audience automatically switches the display screen
    The display application technology with independent intellectual property rights has always maintained a leading position in the field of display technology。Gradually completed the application of indoor, outdoor LED in various places
     More than 50 varieties of monochrome, LED double primary color, LED full color display, as well as special display developed for special applications in all walks of life。It has been widely used in factories
     Mining, finance, sports, medical care, transportation, industrial and commercial taxation, party and government organs, telecommunications, public inspection law, education and other industries。Among them, Yitong LED stage subtitles screen is widely used
     Each performance group, and with reliable quality, easy to use, flexible display and other advantages to win the user's praise。
          Facing the future, Yitong Electronics adheres to the purpose of "customer satisfaction, employees happy work, and the company is strong", and is moving toward a modern high-tech industry with reasonable structure, scientific allocation and standardized management
    Technology enterprises continue to move forward。

◆ Full color indoor surface sticker display

◆ Indoor small pitch product series
◆ Outdoor full color screen
◆ Indoor and outdoor single and dual color screen
◆ Stage computer subtitle screen series
◆ White characters on red background logo screen
◆ Car screen
◆ Special display
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