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  ◎Yitong Talent Recruitment:

Shanxi Yitong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development and production of LED electronic display。In order to expand the scope of business, we hire:
     1. Display production and installation personnel: 10
         Responsible for LED electronic display assembly, commissioning and on-site installation, training, etc。
     Requirements: men and women are not limited, can work hard, practical, electronics, machinery, mechanical and other related majors are preferred。
     Two, aluminum alloy frame assembly personnel: 2男性)
         Responsible for LED electronic display frame blanking, assembly, steel frame welding, etc。
     Requirements: can work hard, practical, have aluminum alloy, plastic steel doors and Windows production experience or welding experience is preferred。         
     Three, electronic circuit board welding personnel: 5
     Requirements: Under 23 years old, good eyesight, quick hands and feet。
     4. Personnel Administration Specialist: 1        
     5. Purchasing Assistant: 1
        Assist the purchasing specialist to complete the purchasing work, follow up the order to urge the goods, arrange the delivery, handle the warehousing, responsible for sporadic purchasing。
     Requirements: College degree or above, familiar with the procurement process, computer operation skills, strong communication skills, driver's license is preferred。
     6. Quality Inspector: 1           
     Requirements: College degree or above, electronic major, serious, responsible, careful, principled, more than one year quality inspection experience。
     Seven, network marketing promotion specialist: 1
     Requirements: 1, e-commerce, marketing professional, with marketing foundation and rich experience in web design, website maintenance, network promotion;
        2, proficient in Baidu, Google and other search engine optimization rules。
     8. Video production personnel: 1
          Responsible for the production and planning of video materials for celebrations and performing arts activities。
    Requirements: College degree or above, proficient in relevant professional knowledge, have certain aesthetic ability, able to skillfully use AE, AI, PS and other video frequency production software, more than 2 years of relevant work experience。
     9. Mechanical graduates: 1
          Responsible for the design of electronic display engineering steel frame structure, budget, construction plan and project supervision。
    Requirements: More than 2 years working experience in mechanical design。
     10. Business assistants: 5
          Assist business personnel to visit customers, make bidding documents, sign contracts, collect payment for goods, follow up the progress of orders after placing orders, and handle warehousing procedures.
      Follow up installation and customer visits。
    Requirements: College degree or above, major in marketing, electronics, etc., good communication skills, more than 1 year sales work experience is preferred。
    Address: No. 278 Changzhi Road (opposite Coca-Cola Company) Tel: (0351) 7860001

   ◎Notice of application
     Need to bring documents: the company route map:
    (1) Original and photocopy of ID card
    (2) Original and photocopies of all graduation certificates above secondary school
    (3) Original and photocopy of professional title qualification certificate of assistant or above
    (4) Original and photocopy of relevant qualification certificate
    (5) The original and photocopy of the award certificate
    (6) Personal resume
    (7) One recent one-inch photo without a crown

◆ Full color indoor surface sticker display

◆ Full-color outdoor in-line display
◆ Full color household exterior display screen
◆ Indoor and outdoor single and dual color screen
◆ Stage computer subtitle screen series
◆ White characters on red background logo screen
◆ Car screen
◆ Special display
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